Interview with Steven Maranville – Coming to Sthlm august 16th

Steven Maranville is coming to Stockholm august 16th

So of course we wanted to get a exclusive interview with Steven for to get to know him better before the event so we contacted him for some questions…

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How old were you when you started working and what was your first job?

I was born and raised in a small factory town—Galesburg, Illinois, USA. I was hired for my first job at 14. I worked for a business that supplied factories with manual assemblies. My specific responsibility was to put washers on bolts.


What led you in to your current career? Was it a specific person, happening in your life?…

Maranville Enterprises provides Business Consultation, Executive Education, and Corporate Governance. At the core of these three services is “teaching.” During my formative years, I found true joy in the process of learning. Therefore, when I began to consider a career, I knew that career would have to involve learning and teaching. Consequently, in 1986, I started Maranville Enterprises as a consulting practice serving small businesses. Over the years, Maranville Enterprises has “grown-up” to serve a larger market of businesses. However, the core of teaching has always remained. Whether in a classroom or in a boardroom, I am always a teacher.


When did you get your PHD and do you find it useful in your current profession?

I started Maranville enterprises in 1986. Four years later in 1990, I entered the Ph.D. Program at the University of Utah and graduated in 1994. I undertook a Ph.D. for several reasons. First, I wanted to deepen my knowledge of Strategic Management. Second, I wanted to broaden my skillset of research. And Third, I wanted to have the credentials that would differentiate me as a thought leader. Because my work as a consultant, coach, and director requires me to be a thought leader, I find that the Ph.D. has been an enormous benefit. Through earning a Ph.D., I learned how to learn. Now, I show others how to learn as well.


Whats the best, and the most challenging part of your job?

The outcome of my work is always “change.” And, change is the most exciting, but challenging, part of my work. Whether working one-to-one coaching an executive or consulting on a organization-wide change-management project, the process of transformation contains happiness and pain. It is like sustaining a program of physical exercise. You hate the pain; but, you love the results.


How did becoming blind effect your work and life in general, and how did you overcome the obstacles that came along?

I was born with eye sight. When I was 7 years old, I began losing my sight because of the DNA I was born with. So, I have had many years to learn how to be blind. But honestly, I cannot say that I have overcome the obsticles. Every day is a new learning experience with new obsticles to be overcome. But, I must acknowledge that in 2016 with all of the amazing technology available for my use, I cannot actually describe blindness as a disability. There is nothing that I need to do—or even want to do—that I cannot do! I look forward to showing you what I mean when I am with you in Stockholm!


I am excited to be in Stockholm in two weeks!


Have a look at this video where you will find out more about Steven and The Swedish Wealth Institute. Click HERE

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