Money Talks

Stock investing - safe, secure and high returns

FREE evening lecture in Stockholm on Thursday, 31 October at Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza, Birger Jarlsgatan 29, 111 45 Stockholm.

Time until the doors open:

Zero to Hero Stock Trader Accelerator Program

Become a Successful Stock Trader now and build an extra stream of income

Learn about the stock market from some of the best and how to start from zero to making money from day 1.


  • No previous experiences needed 
  • You will learn the basics and everything you need to know to start your trading  
  • You will analyse companies right there in the room so that you can use this process when you make your own investments

During the evening you will learn:

✔ How to analyse companies

4 different ways to profit from your stock portfolio

How to chose the right investments

and avoid costly mistakes

Harness the key strategies of wealth creation, regardless of economic conditions

Freedom never comes from your comfort zone

Freedom never comes from your comfort zone

Owen O'Malley, owner of The Investment Club Network, shares how to make a high monthly return through shares.

He will share how you can quickly evaluate and value a company, how you choose which companies are worth investing in, how you judge if their value is up or down and when to buy or sell. You will also learn how to use the options market to get a "rent" on your shares!

Owen's customers today average 4% return per month on the stock market, we have had him as a speaker in Sweden for three years and all Swedish customers are very satisfied and seen good returns, which is why we asked him to come to Sweden again and share during this exciting event.

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Money Talks

Reach Your Financial Freedom Through Stocks

Date and Time:

Thursday 31 October



Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza, Birger Jarlsgatan 29, 111 45 Stockholm

NOTE: Limited number of seats